Friday, April 24, 2015

Can the Blade Nano QX take a beating?

Everyone mentions how these micro quadcopters (e.g. Nano QX) can take a beating and only having it for one week I've already broken...
  • Wire for the motor
    • Cause: while changing the props from yellow to green I tugged a tad to hard
  • Props (2 of them)
    • Cause: after stepping on it, reason is that I didn't realize that my son landed it right next to my foot
  • Cockpit cover
    • Cause: most likely from the stepping on it incident
  • Control Unit battery cable
    • Cause: it's a mystery since it was still working two days after I stepped on it but, would not be surprised that was the cause.  Good thing I know how to solder wires to a circuit board.
All I can say is that if it wasn't for my clumsiness none of these items would not have been damaged only in the first week of owning it.  So when others say these little copters can take a beating I do agree, since it still flies like new.